Neo-INC assists property owners in achieving energy reductions that culminate in considerable financial savings in electricity expenditure. Not only do these solutions help protect the environment, they make it possible to reduce energy costs by an average of 40%, depending on which solution is opted for or how products are combined to maximal effectiveness.

About Neo-INC


LED tubes which are fitted with infra-red movement sensors which are absolutely marvellous for parking garages and any other establishments where lighting is required on a 24/7 basis.


Landlord are in full control as the meter operates on the UniPin platform and the software for this system enables the landlord to not only manage the property more effectively but to also use the reporting capability to troubleshoot and eradicate anomalies in consumption which may point to bypassing of meters.


Although not our core business, we will endeavour to accommodate any client request for solar equipment. We are fully equipped and trained to assist all stakeholders in planning and registering projects with Eskom in order to obtain solar energy rebates as allowed.


The power supplied by Eskom is subject to fluctuation. Instead of the purported supply of 230V, power may spike to levels of up to 260V, taking into account the 5-10% safety factor which is usually catered for by engineers and appliance and equipment designers.


Excellent quality equipment backed by solid experience and great technical and sales backup best describes the range of heat pumps Nu-INC supplies to the market.


Neo Power works with a team of specialist engineers and have close working relationships with a number of consultants to offer additional specific expertise.

Neo Power Solutions

Neo Power provides on-going Energy Management services for his clients. This allows companies to concentrate on their business without needing to spend time monitoring their energy consumption or worrying about energy related issues.

Energy Tariffs can be confusing, making it hard to determine whether your business is getting the best deal. Neo Power has had years of experience dealing with all types of Energy Tariffs for all types of fuels and all sizes of companies.

Energy Auditing is the main forté of Neo Power. We have the technical skills, equipment and experience to provide high quality Energy Audits. We have undertaken Energy Audits for universities, office buildings, schools, commercial companies, mines, food processing plants, as well as other miscellaneous companies.

Neo Inc Power Solutions

Neo Inc LED Solutions

By improving both visual environment and flexibility of space, it will bring much more space attraction to potential tenants. Meanwhile, office lighting has a direct effect on human performance; luminaries with a modern design can stimulate peoples’ innovation and enhances productivity.

Super Market Lighting

Today’s consumers want more from their shopping experience – more choices, more exciting displays, more visual stimulation. For today’s retailers, it means offering more than popular brands at great prices. With 90% of purchase decisions being made at the point of sale it’s all about providing store environments that attract and engage shoppers and ensure repeat visits.

Factories Lighting

High performance industrial facilities are the key to stimulating the productivity gains needed to stay ahead of the curve in today’s economy. Effective, well-illuminated workshop floors, warehouses, processing and production areas can positively impact employee performance, as well as developing employee’s productivity and reducing operational costs.

Rainwater Harvesting Tanks

Rainwater harvesting has become a critical necessity due to the ongoing water shortages. Neo-Inc are an authorized distributor and supplier of aesthetically pleasing and eco-friendly rainwater harvesting tanks with the new Slimline range offering sleek and narrow tanks which stand against a wall and blends in with its surrounds.

Rainwater Harvesting Solutions