Solar Roofing Sheet Kit

The Solar Roofing Sheet Kit is a cost effective product that you can install by yourself – no specialist needed! After a sunny day you will be able to use three LED lamps (3W) for 4 hours, charge your cell phones, watch TV for 2 hours (30W), and use your ceiling fan (10W) for 4 hours.

The 18V panel voltage is ideal for charging 12V batteries by using the charge controller which is included. You can also upgrade the system to 150V by adding 2x50W.

Some of the great features of the Solar Roofing Sheet Kit are:
• Easy installation – nail it down on the existing roof. You only need a hammer to install the whole system.
• Theft proof – fix integrated in the roof and does not attract any attention.
• Open system – all the components of the system are 12V industry standard and replaceable in case of damage.
• Extendable – the 50W can by upgraded to 150W by buying two additional panels.
• Easy to transport – the carton box has a dimension of 140 x 53 x 3cm and a weight of 7,1kg – easy to carry.

Included into the Solar Roofing Sheet Kit are the following:
• 50W solar roofing sheet
• 10A charge controller
• 10m cable panel-controller
• 1m cable controller-batt
• battery clamps
• crocodile clamps
• screw drive
• terminal strip
• roofing nails
• cable clip
• installation instruction
• detailed user manual
The Solar Roofing Sheet Kit is a must have for any household that want to save money and energy.

Price: R1 995,00 VAT incl.