Established in 2008, NeoPower first specialized in the distribution of generators and invertors and did training for, inter alia, Eskom and other South African companies. From this position we early recognised the opportunity for alternative energy solutions, thus making NeoPower currently one of the leading suppliers of innovative energy saving solutions to the domestic, commercial and agricultural sectors in South Africa.

Our mission
Our mission is to furnish the public with our technologically advanced systems that are designed to be gentle on the environment and provide substantial financial and energy savings. In order to achieve this objective, clients will meet dedicated NeoPower employees who are continuously finding innovative solutions to energy consumption and who believe that communication is of paramount importance as it enables us to meet the needs of clients.

We work with our clients to show them how to incorporate the latest sustainable, energy efficient systems in the domestic, commercial and agricultural sectors. We have supplied products to, inter alia: Wits University, The Seventh-day Adventist Church, New Alexander Mall, New Hatfield Square, Shoprite Checkers, Pick n Pay and Camp Discovery. Our products are tailor-made to fulfil the specific individual needs of clients. Our product range includes (but not limited to): LED lighting, solar geysers, induction geysers, solar panels, solar Photovoltaic hybrid water heating systems, solar swimming pool systems, solar flood light systems, solar borehole systems, titanium elements, water purification systems, water shedding systems, gas related products such as gas stoves and biogas products and prepaid meters. We also render energy efficient audits.

In all the services rendered, NeoPower are continuously working with qualified engineers, specialists and accredited companies that comply with national and international standards. All our products are installed by accredited, certified engineers and installers.