LED Lighting

Over and above the usual down lighters, special mention must be made of:

  • LED tubes which are fitted with infra-red movement sensors which are absolutely marvellous for parking garages and any other establishments where lighting is required on a 24/7 basis. In terms of a 5ft tube, it operates on a low level lighting basis at 7kW and once the movement detector is activated, the power level increases to 21kW. This brings about a saving of 37kW (a whopping 63.79%!) since the usual fluorescent tube operates at 58kW. Further security benefits are also possible with this type of lighting since movement by possible intruders will be easily detected when movement sensors are triggered.
  • Street lights for outdoor parking areas

  • Percussion lights for the mining industry which are not only far better in terms of safety, but can also handle situations where higher heat tolerances are required, for example in refineries.

NeoLED endeavours to supply products with lifespan of 30 000 to 100 000 hours.