Induction Geysers

A brilliant new product line. At present the largest of the units are 75L (starting from 30L) which delivers as much hot water as a traditional 250L geyser. The cost of the unit is very reasonable, particularly in view of the energy saving of up to 50% that can be achieved with ease. Reheat time is very short. In addition, the unit cannot burst as it is not pressurised and thus short-term insurers should be willing to reduce rating on the property owner’s portfolio.

Split Magnetic Induction Geyser
The split magnetic induction geyser has two parts: a water heater and magnetic energy generator. The magnetic energy generator converts electric energy into magnetic energy which transfers to the water heater. There is an inbuilt high-density thermal insulation layer that minimizes temperature loss.

Design Protection Measures
*Dry burn protection
*High voltage protection
*Low voltage protection
*Surge protection
*Power out protection
*Controlled overheating protection
*Water tank magnesium ion protection

*Stainless tank
*Saves electricity
*Safety T/P & pressure valves supplied
*Exceptionally safe
*Quick access to hot water
*Only requires a 15 Amp wall plug
*Only uses power while heating
*Substantial water saving due to location of the unit
*Easy to install – saves space
*30L HEATS from 20 ˚C-70 ˚C in just 35 minutes

1. There are two installation support brackets attached to the back of the geyser. These brackets provide
for simple and secure mounting on two sturdy expanding rawl bolts drilled into the wall.
2. The water heater is ready wired with a 1.5m cable and a 3 pin plug which simply plugs into a standard
wall socket.
3. The water heater is designed for indoor use. If used outdoors the unit must be covered from direct
sunlight and rain.
4. The water heater has a high thermal insulation layer around the stainless steel & magnesium storage tank
providing increased product life.
5. The water heater has a rating of 2kw or 4kw, depending on the size of the geyser. The efficiency of
actually heating the water results in shortening the draw of electricity and ultimately saving money.