Solar PV hybrid water heating system

This is the ultimate in solar water heating. Save by converting any electric geyser and use the power of the sun for heating your water. All you need, is: 3 x 300 watt Photovoltaic (PV) panels and a TITANIUM element.

  • No batteries
  • No inverters
  • No plumbing
  • No pumps
  • No freezing

Our system withstands winter conditions and still produces energy on cloudy winter’s days. You can control the water temperature with a dual controller which also allows you to switch from AC to DC power as and when required.

  • No overheating
  • No burn out of element – it is dry run proof! During extensive testing the prototype was left on continuously for 26 months without water and it still did not burn out!

It is easy to install and designed to last up to 10 years. It is suitable for any water conditions – no more worries about scale build-up. The titanium repels scale makes it more energy efficient since a 1 mm build-up of scale increases power consumption by 18%. Titanium has 6% higher heat transfer than stainless steel and retains heat longer. The system can be expanded to incorporate an inverter and batteries to drive other electrical equipment such as lights, at a later stage.

No or very low maintenance.

Compares very favourably with conventional solar water heaters.

Typical installation set-up:

Titanium elements are available in various fittings and are compatible with any South African geyser of any size. Estimated installation time would be around 2 hours. It is also suitable for boilers. All the elements of a boiler can be replaced with the titanium element, bringing about a substantial energy saving without the need for frequent and costly maintenance. Titanium elements can be used in geysers which are powered by electricity. The unit with dual converter is ideal for use in solar PV installations.

The graphs below illustrate performance comparison between a PV solar with titanium AC/DC and a conventional solar water heater with a flat plate collector:

1. PTC VDC system 150 litre 36 VDC 750 watt system


2. Conventional 150 litre flat plate system 


Green = Flat plate system titanium AC/DC on cloudy, overcast day (5 January 2014)

Pumped system overcast, cloudy day (5 January 2014)


Green = Pumped system