Neo Solar Street Lights


All in one solar street lights are integrated with solar panels that convert the sun’s energy into DC power, and then through the intelligent micro controller to charge the lithium battery. During the day – and even cloudy days – the solar panels can collect solar energy which is converted into DC power and stored in the lithium ion battery. At night, LED lights are automatically switched on with a PIR motion sensor when movement is detected within range. The light will switch off when no movement is detected within range.

Light intensity is 100% within 7 m distance from the light, changing to 1/3 brightness after 35 seconds when no movement is detected, thus saving energy intelligently.


All in one solar street lights are composed of two parts, namely: integrated LED light and pole. Integrated LED light built-in high efficient solar module, high capacity lithium ion batteries, micro MPPT intelligent controller, high brightness LED light source, PIR motion sensor, and mounting bracket.


Solar LED lights can be positioned where you want it. It is easy to install and no wiring is necessary.

Brighter light when you need it

  • Built-in infra-red motion sensor regulates light output automatically.
  • Changes from dim mode (30%) to bright mode (100%) upon motion detection (optional).
  • Light sensor restricts operation during daylight to save battery power.

Rustproof, dustproof and waterproof

  • Rated IP65 for all outdoor applications.

Zero running cost

  • Fully solar powered.
  • Lithium battery prolongs life and protects the environment.

Installation cases